Celtic Trees Collection

The Celtic Trees Collection is inspired by Celtic myth and folklore and it's based on an ancient calendar.This calendar describes 13 native trees which druids considered sacred for their magical power and medicinal properties.

If you are looking for a meaningful gift for a special occasion, this design is ideal for birthdays, bridal jewellery and why not a self treat,

Yew Tree (1Nov- 28Nov)  Yew is a symbol of eternity and regeneration after difficult times.

Pine Tree (29Nov-26Dec) Pine is a symbol of renewal, rebirth and eternal life.

Birch Tree (27Dec-20Feb) Birch is a symbol of birth and rebirth, youthfulness, love and purity.

Rowan Tree (24Jan-20Feb) Rowan is a symbol of courage, wisdom and protective power.

Alder Tree (21Feb-20Mar) Alder is known as a protector tree giver of courage, easer of fear and doubt.

Willow Tree (21Mar-17Apr) Willow is a symbol of fertility and life.

Hawthorn Tree (18Apr-15May) Hawthorn is a symbol of magical power and faeries; regarded with a mixture of fear and respect.

Ash Tree (16May-12Jun) Ash is a symbol of fertility, healing and wellbeing.

Oak Tree (13Jun-10 Jul) Oak is a symbol of fertility, kingship and endurance.

Holly Tree (11Jul-7Aug) Holly is a symbol of strength and ability of the champion.

Hazel Tree (8Aug-4Sep)  Symbol of wisdom, poetic inspiration and mystical knowledge.

Apple Tree (5 Sep-2 Oct) Apple is a symbol of fertility, replenishment and healing.


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